Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm serious about this one, guys.

In the past I've tried to do so many internet blogging/networking sights but I've never been really consistent with any one as I lose interest, forget my password, or even forget to post. It scares me to think of all the personal information and blogs I've put on the internet but I decided to try one last time at blogging. Some how, I have the audacity to believe my opinion and thoughts are important to the world. But I do believe in the power of such websites as this.

I need an outlet-a place where I can share my thoughts on what I deem necessary and interesting.

So, I decided to make a blog on a specific aspect of my life as well as possibly many other lives-Heavy Metal. But I vowed this wouldn't be like the other blogs about such a topic praising guitar licks and sacrificial lamb heads at a black metal concert (Although I'm sure it will be sprinkled in here sometime). This would be about the ever so rare black perspective on heavy metal culture-a microcosm within the rock'n'roll culture. Even more obscure the female perspective. I'm not necessarily doing this so people can read it-but more so for my own sanity.

I'm pretty sure black folks in heavy metal is an oxymoron of sorts. Almost something of a myth like the Boogieman or Bigfoot. But trust me, we do exsist and I'm here to confirm that.

(Puts a whole new meaning on 'black metal', eh?)


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