Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finding The Good in Christian Metal

Let's state the obvious here. The very words Christian Metal together just seems blasphemous. Obviously most people don't associate the two together. But any informed metalhead worth their grit knows that there is such a thing. Metal doesn't only appeal to those who of us attracted to the dark, sinister and demented. Why should your religion limit the type of music that just 'feels right' even if its not associated with all things Christian?  I run across a handful of metal heads who believe that there are no good Christian metal bands. I usually ask why they believe this and the response is that its lame, its not as good, yadda yadda. My response is simply that they are not looking hard enough.

It's not like Christian metal is an anomaly either.
We can't start this convo without mentioning the first sort of mainstream Christian glam metal band Stryper. (I know, I know, glam metal is still arguably metal but bare with me). Who apparently, in their time, were still considered to be anti-Christianity for their support in metal music. I'm not much a fan of Stryper. (I can jam to "To Hell With The Devil" tho...) Now, around the same time the Australian death metal outfit, Mortification came. This is a band that most metal heads are probably more comfortable/familiar with. Since then, fast forward to the early 2000s when metal core exploded you got Underoath, As I lay Dying and Demon Hunter becoming very mainstream and publicly Christian bands.

Hell there is even Black Christian Metal. No, you did not read that wrong. There is Black Christian Metal. Although I've not encountered any that I really like besides Antestor.

I don't know where it came from but really, what the hell is with this mentality that because a metalhead is religious (I mostly mean in a Christian sense), it somehow nulls their identity as a 'troo' metalhead. Lets be honest folks, I've met some "Satan Worshipping" metal heads that didn't even really know why they were Satanists. I mean, when you ask them the questions that matter they can't come up with a good reason.

I guess the secret to finding good Christian Metal is that you actually have to have an open mind when listening and take it for what it is without automatically ruling it out just because these guys have a hard on for Jesus. Are some lyrics boring and contrived? Sure-but thats in a lot of metal. Are some Christian metal bands lame? Well sure if your listening to shit like P.O.D and The Devil Wears Prada.
Does all of it suck? 

No, actually some of it really rips. 

My verdict?

You guys know that I love Pagan/Viking/Folk metal and always will but...

Seriously, about a year ago I discovered the AWESOMENESS that is Believer. 
I even like them better than Holy Blood which is the only Christian Pagan Metal band that I know of.

I think that personally, they are the best Christian metal band. So underrated and very technical. IMO. 
And for the record, I DO like War of Ages. There, I said it.

So see? There is good Christian Metal out there, you just gotta believe it.

Or your still not convinced.