Monday, September 14, 2009

Dating In The Metal Scene pt. 1: The Start

Not that I have tons of experience, but I thought I would touch on this topic.

Bottom line is-I've always had a 'thing' for guys in this brand of music. From a young age, I was always attracted to men my peers and sisters deemed as ugly. All my friends liked short cropped hair, polo shirts, and abercrombie or south pole wearing guys. Which was a turn off for me.

I was more attracted to men who looked like they should work at a Renaissance fair or at least be an extra in brave heart. Long hair, sweaty and lean with tons of body hair. (I like hairy men. I know it's strange. I just think it's so masculine...delicious)

It didn't necessarily matter what race the guy was as long as he fit the short list of requirements.

I've always had a fascination for finding beauty in the grotesque. I liked that my friends thought these guys were unkempt and not worthy. I liked the juxtaposition of a long haired man having a feminine quality yet maintaining a masculine edge. (long hair usually a beauty trait resigned for women) It just turned me on-the thought of a guy like that made me tingle between my legs and excited me.

It just so happens that the music I started to fall in love with at a young age usually had something to do with men that fit this desciption. The aggression, the hair flying everywhere, the shirt strewn across the stage revealing a chest soaked in perspiration, hands moving lovingly across the strings of a guitar or bass, and a deep and evil growl that made something inside me quench. When every one's first celebrity crush was Will Smith or Tom Cruise-mine was King Ov Hell from Gorgoroth (pictured above *droolll*) and Mikael Akerfeldt's from Opeth.
Yeah-it's an acquired taste.

Naturally-all this would affect my dating choices. I had to date someone with as much passion for music as I contained and nothing less would satisfy me. But as I reached about 15-I started to wonder if the types of guys I like would in anyway be interested in me. Luckily, I never had a problem finding boys....
(Dating in The Metal Scene pt. 2: Race Issues coming soon...)
Sorry for the lack of postage.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flavor of The Week-Daybreak Medusa

If you have the time, check out this band called Daybreak Medusa. It slightly reminds of Killswitch Engage but with out the screaming and hard edge. I'd call them more hard rock with melodic influence but they call themselves 'alternative metal'. Not my type of music (I like it a bit harder and aggressive) But I figured you all may or may not dig them. They almost sound like a pop rock band sometimes, but I think they have a chance to appeal to that demographic. I wish them luck. Here are some links to explore this band's sound. (feat. the song 'Obligation'-catchy hook) (feat. song 'With You')

yay or nay? Or maybe meh.