Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flavor of The Week-Animals as Leaders

So I found this little metal gem of a band the other day. Their name is Animals as Leaders, a prog metal outfit found by Tosin Abasi (Clearly an African name which set my interest even more on high, plus he is kind of a guitar genius) formed in 2007 in Washington D.C. Their first self titled album came out in 2009. Wave of Babies is a single released in 2010 by them as well.

They are extremely underrated (I think) but the reviews that I have read proves that these guys will have to be watched in the coming years.

If you like Periphery, Messhuggah, and Born of Osiris (Who just came out with a new album), you will enjoy these guys.

Check out these songs and see if you like them:

Yay or Nay. I want your opinion.

(Sorry for the shoddy description. I'm kinda in a hurry)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vargi-Kins on the cover of Decibal Magazine

Okay guys. While perusing the magazine rack at the local bookstore I came across the image of Varg Vikernes on the cover of Decibal magazine.
I know I'm going to get a shitload of flack for this post but I've got to comment on this.

I read the interview. Mainly about the music-which is good.
Okay, the problem I have with this is that anyone who is remotely interested in black metal and its history knows about Varg and his past. He says he is not a neo-nazi anymore or NSBM (but I'm sure some of the old ideologies/beliefs he had has still got some grip on him) . Oh yeah, and he is a murderer.

Why are we putting him on the cover as if he is to be idolized? But then I feel like a hyporcrite for saying that because wasn't I the one saying that it should be all about the music in my other post?

I know, I know. A lot of you say that lyrics/ideologies don't matter to you anymore and that you solely listen to music just for the music. >_>

And anyone that says metal is not political in anyway is a fucking liar.
However, as I've said before in the past, I simply will not/could not buy any of his records, even if I liked some of the songs. Knowing that I support someone who compared black metallers to black and homosexuals...and he tried to re-explain himself but it did not come out as an apology or sincere. Its was very brazen and matter of fact.
I don't think he should apologize for his views, per se. Lets be honest, me and about maybe a handful of other black people may know of him. And the rest of his fans are mostly whites-who when perusing the Internet don't seem as offended as I am by his statement. I guess it doesn't effect them in that way.
I know black militants who are just as racist as he is and they don't want to apologize for it either. Freedom of Speech and all. However, I'm not supporting him and his ridiculous radical ideologies in any way. I'm sure he is not lamenting over the loss either.

(From Metal Crypt magazine)
You once stated that "metal is nigger music", do you still believe this to be true? "Yes and no. I think the metal culture is nigger culture, in the sense that the traditional metal people look like, behave like and think like a bunch of "white niggers". It's (at least often) an extremely primitive, unintelligent and pointless subculture, like all rock 'n roll subcultures are. I too listened to metal music, but I never behaved like a nigger just because of that, and I don't understand what the point with this metal subculture is. Smoking pot or getting drunk, sleeping around and giving each other venereal diseases, partying all the time, going to concerts to meet other vacuum-heads, and so forth. What's the point? Even bush-niggers can be more sensible and constructive, and deeper than that. ‘The true attraction people have to this particular subculture is probably something else, like contempt for the modern world, fascination for death and the Gothic, romanticism and even Pagan values, but it all becomes so very wrong when mixed with traditional rock 'n roll or heavy metal culture."

I'm not supposed to be offended by that?
Yeah, right.
So, I want your opinion on this one, guys. Maybe I should just mind my own freaking business.
I'm anticipating some interesting comments from the Scandinavian readers, however.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Women In Metal Are Not Taken Seriously Pt. 2

I have been meaning to do a part 2 about this topic and today I just saw this ad for the Hottest Chicks In Metal-excuse me-Hard Rock: Hall Hath No Fury Tour with In This Moment (ick) headlining. Other bands on the bill include Sister Sin (eek), Straight Line Stitch (Meh, but I respectfully applaud), and System Divide. (Ugh)
Whenever I see the Hottest Chicks In Metal anything I receive a mixture of emotions that consist of anger, shame, and frustration. Why is this?
This kind of promotion is a double edged sword.
The Hottest Chicks In Metal title, I believe, does abso-fucking-lutely nothing for women who sing or listen to heavy metal. Its not empowering and its not honorable. Some may disagree but I believe this sort of title is setting us back.
First off, by creating this (be it man or woman) we have essentially separated ourselves from the metal community by gender first and not anything else. That's the first red flag.
The second, of course, would be the blatant hyper-sexualized photo/promotion for it. I think in my last post about this I said that men are not going to take a women seriously who dresses like one of the above ladies as showed (I'm thinking you can guess which one). Women who make it a point to dress provocatively in an industry that is ruled by men will not be regarded as a serious band. The only angle they may have is 'Uh, well she's hot so I'll watch them anyway'. An anon commenter left this comment in Pt.1:
"...If women are gendered into the beauty complex and use this to their advantage, I take my hat off to them.
Judge musicians based on the music they make, not their clothing.
It's not about the way women dress. It's about the normalisation of belittling women for the way they dress, rather than judging their talent."

You should go back and read the whole comment. Very interesting.
However, I disagree.
Again, that's taking leaps back. Specifically the first sentence. That's the exact reason why we should not take that angle because its expected and its very easy to gain notoriety for beauty rather than talent. People will be so blinded by the lead singers tits to really notice that the music may actually be great...or terrible. Its also different depending on the type of metal we are talking about as well. Women in symphonic metal bands may dress different than women in metalcore or black metal.
The Hottest Chicks In Metal title may give a lot of bands great promo but I also notice that this tends to shift the focus from not only the actual music but the other members of said band.

I actually have tons of respect for Angela Gossow (as I said before pt.1, she may be one of the few who successfully separated herself from 'lead female singer' and band to just Arch Enemy. She has really proven that she is in it for the music. Whether or not you dislike Arch Enemy, you have to respect that.)
Gossow did an interview for and the interviewer asked if she had basically ever wanted to be involved with the Hottest Chicks of Metal.
Angela said: " It's funny that you mentioned that because I just had a huge clash with the editor of Revolver. He's put me into the 2010 "Hottest Chicks in Metal" calendar with that picture in of 2004, so they keep kind of recycling that one. And, I've explained several times I don't want to be featured in that — in that corner. If they want a picture of the band and it's about the music, all cool. No problem. But if it's about me being a woman… I don't like the "Hottest Chicks in Metal" movement at all. I think it's very counterproductive and kind of retro, you know?...
I hate the "Hottest Chicks in Metal!" It's an embarrassment for women, I think (laughs). It's an embarrassment for female musicians, who actually are musicians.

You can read the whole thing in it's entirety here:
I have to say I agree with her.
I understand why some do it though. For promotion and all. But I honestly think that its a path that doesn't have to be taken if your serious about being in this business. I really do.
I literally had to do my research in order to find out that its for the Keep a Breast foundation. ( I was too focused on Maria Brinks to notice any other breast anything. As I'm sure most men who look at this are).

I dunno, maybe its just me.
I'm not saying a woman has to growl or act like a guy in order to gain respect in metal music. But ladies, show a little respect for yourself and then maybe you can gain respect from everyone else.
I want your opinion, guys.

(By the way ladies, Who would your nominees be for the Hottest Guys in Metal? Post some below!...I know how hypocritical. But I couldn't help myself)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flavor of The Week-Orisha Shakpana

Who knew that Jamaica would be the next promising area for the metal scene?
Found this gem thanks to one of the followers (Thanks Navlos!-I know its kind of late)
Since then, I have been researching a good bit of bands from Jamaica as well as other emerging African bands. (I have lots of fuel for flavor of the week for this month)

Formed in 2004, Orisha Shakpana is a one man black metal project originating in St. Catharine, Jamaica that was originally a three piece band. What I find really interesting are the themes in the music. There are both satanic and African paganism within the content. (He even has a song title called Ancient Ghana 1265...I had to mention that because of that's where my family is from. I know, I'm a dork but I'm really excited about this guy...doesn't hurt that he's attractive). Orisha Shakpana has three full length albums that have been released since 2006 and one demo as well as LP.
At least in my case, I will be ordering any music I can get my music geek hands on.

Okay, Okay, I know I made that recent post about "The next blog will be a topic you all pick". Which is still true for the next real post. However, I just could not resist sharing this with you guys. Especially you obscure music lovers.

Check out some of these song links as well as the myspace: