Flavor of The Week-Orisha Shakpana

Who knew that Jamaica would be the next promising area for the metal scene?
Found this gem thanks to one of the followers (Thanks Navlos!-I know its kind of late)
Since then, I have been researching a good bit of bands from Jamaica as well as other emerging African bands. (I have lots of fuel for flavor of the week for this month)

Formed in 2004, Orisha Shakpana is a one man black metal project originating in St. Catharine, Jamaica that was originally a three piece band. What I find really interesting are the themes in the music. There are both satanic and African paganism within the content. (He even has a song title called Ancient Ghana 1265...I had to mention that because of that's where my family is from. I know, I'm a dork but I'm really excited about this guy...doesn't hurt that he's attractive). Orisha Shakpana has three full length albums that have been released since 2006 and one demo as well as LP.
At least in my case, I will be ordering any music I can get my music geek hands on.

Okay, Okay, I know I made that recent post about "The next blog will be a topic you all pick". Which is still true for the next real post. However, I just could not resist sharing this with you guys. Especially you obscure music lovers.

Check out some of these song links as well as the myspace:


VSM said…
Well now, here's a band I've heard before. I gave it another go to see if there had been any delevopment. Apparently no, this band still is an utter piece of crap. The band is pretty much the epitome of bedroom black metal and everything that is wrong with the post 1995 A.D. black metal scene. Vocals are weak, drum computer sounds like crap, the songs vary between terrible and average & generic at best, production is amateurish (I definitely don't mind harsh sound production but this is just shitty). Only way this band could be any worse is if the lyrics were about cold winds and nordic frost.

Legion of Death is ofcourse known to release some pretty weird stuff with varying quality from odd places around the world, but this one really makes me think if it has been released only because the band comes from Jamaica as I've heard 13-year old kids make better black metal than this. Well, it's Shaxul's money so he can do whatever he wants with it, but I suppose the damage this kind of stuff does on the name of black metal as an art form is priceless.

Fuckers like you should not even bother listening to metal in the first place. Historically speaking, it wasn't intended to please anyone. Motorhead, was once regarded as one of the worst bands on the planet, they didn't give a fuck about that. Look at how big they are because of their dedication to their material.

Other sub-genre cunts like you still down understand to this day, Black Metal, was a step lower than Motorhead in terms of the production, and other genres of music period. If the sounds you hear on the Orisha Shakpana tracks were present around the birth of place metal, THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN USED. Why? Because the raw production and "terrible" sound were used as tools against the mainstream Metal scene and the music industry in general.

Cunt like you that grew up on Dimmu Burger wouldn't know this. As for Shaxul/Legion of Death, they don't live to please (OR SERVE) assholes like you.

You are right about one thing; the damage this kind of stuff does on the name of black metal as an art form is priceless; because it goes against they shit Black Metal that exists today. You have no idea as to which well known important icons in the Black Metal and Metal industry in general showed appreciation in his efforts.


E. Anubis/CONRAD
VSM said…
@Kindoki Studio

Got some sand in your anus or what's with the childish attitude? What has Motörhead got to do with this? Is your point perhaps that nobody starts out perfect? True for sure, but that doesn't mean you should put just any shit on the Internet and get offended when somebody doesn't like it. My advice is to keep polishing those skills for a few years and if your music still sucks, maybe you just ain't got what it takes. But hey, if Orisha Shakpana ever gets even one per cent of Motörhead's charisma, I'll be sure to raise my thumb up for him. I just doubt it because not everybody is meant to be a (black metal) musician, even if it's hard to admit it to themselves in this scene where everybody has to have a band, distro, zine or all of them. When you publish something, in other words make it public, you make it open season for positive and negative comments.

Judging by the way how you miss my point about the sound I guess you don't know the concept of bedroom black metal. Take for example VON or Ildjarn which have somewhat low production values (well, they aren't noise or power electronics but still), the atmosphere they create is very different from Orisha Shakpana, which sounds like what it is, a teenager playing black metal in his bedroom where as VON sounds more like a black mass.

I really don't think there's need for me to answer to name calling like "oh, you must be a dimmu borgir fan" since you have no idea who I am. Let me just convince you, that I come from bit more darker place than the Carribean when it comes to black metal. You also seem to be failing to see the point that Orisha Shakpana is the "shit Black Metal that exists today", not against it. There was a time when people actually put effort in creating music that is darker than anything else released before.

Summa summarum: you with your childish angst seem to be far more attached to the Cosmos than me.
Anonymous said…
Black Metal heads = Nazis, at least in this case -Kindoki Studio-... boring fuckers needing to belong to some ideal of 'True' (or whatever the ideal is) Black Metal. 'Damage to the art form' WHO CARES? Stop taking it so fucking seriously, I swear Motorhead didn't, they just followed their formula and had a good time wherever possible. Fucking horseshit, man. Respect a band over another if they're better, but if you need to put too much down, it only smacks of low self esteem... no matter how intellectual you make your argument.

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