Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, X-Mas, Happy Holidays, etc.

Happy Holidays you guys!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa etc. No matter your religious or non religious beliefs.

Be safe, happy, eat well, enjoy yourselves and I hope the new year brings you everything you hoped for.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Help Me Choose and Vote!

So I'm toying with different topics I would like to post within the next few days/weeks and I need your help in choosing. The next few blogs will be in order according to the rank in votes starting from the highest.
Since I apparantly don't have Javascript I can't embed the poll so just click on the link real quick and vote on the follwing topics:

Blacks In Anime/Videogames
The Difference Between Nationalism/Racism in Metal
Flavor of The Week-The Objex
Why Women In Metal Aren't Taken Seriously pt. 2
Youtube Video:Black People Can Listen to Metal
Metal: Then and Now

Here's the link:

If you have any suggestions that you personally want to put forth if you didn't like any of these, please comment and I'll get back to you!

Thats all folks'!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dating In The Metal Scene Pt. 2: Race Issues

It was inevitable that my choice in music would affect what kind of person I would date. I had the formula and code for what type of guy I would like (*see King Ov Hell in pt. 1)...but then here comes the awkward part. Finding someone who would like me. Let's not beat around the bush here, my choices were (and to an extent still are) extremely limited. I've dating out of my race a lot, not purposely. I have no secret agenda or past rue against black men. I do find them physically appealing. But realistically-how many black guys do you personally know that listen to Folk/Black Metal, or hell, even metal? I've met a few in the past-but they were already dating someone else or I was dating someone else at the time. In fact, a good bit of black guys usually think I'm either a weirdo or an 'assimilator'. But, that's a whole other post.

To this day, I've dated one black guy who had similar interests but it didn't work out.

Anyways, around 14 or 15, I went out to local concerts and parties with friends. I was usually the only black anything there and I would SWOON over these guys that were there but they didn't pay any attention to me. I was always just 'the black girl' that was there, adorned but insignificant. I could know so much more about music in general than my girl friends, have probably more in common with these guys, make jokes with them but still none of them were ever interested. I liked a particular boy, who looked like a mini version of Bartek Borweic. I didn't just like him-I convinced myself that I loved him. He was a friend of a friend and we got along really well the few times we hung out. So one day, we were talking outside of a venue and a group of his friends were snickering behind him. They wanted him to come back so they could enter the place, he waved good bye but I heard one of his friends say, "Why do you talk to her? You don't even like black girls. " and my crush replied, "I'm just being nice". My world was crushed. After that, I just assumed all the guys I liked didn't like me because I was black.

But, it seemed like as soon as I stopped looking for someone, they came to me. My first boyfriend, J, I met at a friends house. It was her cousin. I thought he initially was attractive, but believed he wouldn't like me, then a month after meeting he asked me out.

J was an anime nerd ( he also got me into anime. Shh-don't tell anyone-but I'm a secret anime/video game geek. You wouldn't know by looking at me!) but also liked heavy metal and could play bass very well. That lasted a year-then I broke up with him because I was bored (ah, youth!).
Then as I got older, I found that if I didn't try so hard to search, it just happened. I met more people, got a job, went to all types of shows. I accumulated more guy friends and in that way, men have become so much easier to talk to/deal with.

My current boyfriend is my ideal package. He's smart, compassionate, not a skinny little waif like I've dated in the past but actually has muscle, sarcastic like me, has plans/goals, sweet, hard working, long hair, hairy, is open minded, loves his folk metal and loves me...

But he hates anime.
Oh well, no ones perfect.

The point I'm trying to make is that for a black girl who likes this type of music exclusively, dating can be challenging. I personally didn't have a problem with the whole race thing, but some guys in the past were just damn uncomfortable with the idea. As if dating a black girl wasn't very "metal". Because, lets face it, when most people (society) think of black women-its mostly a negative representations.
And in my experience, its not so much me that makes them uncomfortable, but the ever present thought 'What will everyone think?'.
I learned a long time ago that If I became what everyone wanted me to be, I'd be freakin' miserable. Quite honestly, speaking of race issues gets super tiring and frustrating-especially in this community-but it's there. I can't pretend its not and turn a blind eye like everyone ( mass media) else has been doing. I don't have an issue with it but everyone else seems to.
Issues with race and dating still is a huge deal to a lot of people-rightfully so! It's dangerous not to be cautious.
But its not dangerous to be open minded.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flavor of The Week-D-FE

Thanks to one of the followers of this blog, (Thanks Luke!) I discovered this awesome band called D-FE. Get this-It's a tribal metal band. It's super interesting and dare I say-refreshing? I like the idea of mixing traditional African tribal music (mostly heavy percussion) and even some Afro-Caribbean instruments with heavy metal. It's so metal because it goes against everything metal is supposed to be. The unfortunate thing is that I can barely find any info on them yet apparently they've been on the scene since 1997! I'm not too sure but on their myspace it say they disbanded with their last LP that was out in 2008-which saddens me. Check em' out though. It's a shame that they are unsigned... <-The single 'Kermite'. <-D-FE myspace
Yay or Nay? I want your opinion.