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So I'm toying with different topics I would like to post within the next few days/weeks and I need your help in choosing. The next few blogs will be in order according to the rank in votes starting from the highest.
Since I apparantly don't have Javascript I can't embed the poll so just click on the link real quick and vote on the follwing topics:

Blacks In Anime/Videogames
The Difference Between Nationalism/Racism in Metal
Flavor of The Week-The Objex
Why Women In Metal Aren't Taken Seriously pt. 2
Youtube Video:Black People Can Listen to Metal
Metal: Then and Now

Here's the link:

If you have any suggestions that you personally want to put forth if you didn't like any of these, please comment and I'll get back to you!

Thats all folks'!


helluvadrug said…
how about your feelings concerning women at concerts? or even their role in metal?
Anonymous said…
talk about how stupid screamo kids piss you off.
Nails said…
I agree with helluvadrug :) !
Anonymous said…
she's covered that topic extensively already, read some of the old blogs.
Nuclear Mamba said…
I think most of those topics are interesting, but I do remember you saying something about being an artist. It would be awesome to see some of your work later on down the road if possible. =)
Anonymous said…
Flavor of the week, you gotta check these dudes out, even though they're deathcore, they're something incredible.

Plus the vocalist is kind of black but not really, I can't tell what he is from the photo on myspace.

bicyclepirate said…
Just came across your blog, this is the best metal blog I've found in a while!
@Helluvadrug:Check out my older post 'Why Women Aren't Taken Seriously In the Metal scene pt.1'. I was considering making a pt. 2 soon..
@luke-I might touch about the sceamo kids in Metal Now and Then. And Thanks for the Flavor. I've been actually listening to Pained in Exile for a while now.
@Mamba-Oh, I like to paint/draw but I'm far too embarassed to show them here. I'm my worst critic.
@bicyclepirate-Thanks for the comment and I hope you stick around!
I've discussed the difference between racism and nationalism to many people, even speaking outside of metal terms. Oftentimes, the two are used interchangeably and it's because many enter a nationalistic viewpoint with racism on the mind. It's like how a lot of Viking metal fans become Odinists, some getting entrenched in that subtle/not-so-subtle racial superiority brainwashing. Nationalism is being proud of your country and heritage, racism is thinking your race and likely your country and heritage along with it, are the elite. This automatically oppresses others due to them instantly becoming sub-par (or sub-human) in your eyes, since you'd view yourself as superior, the cream of the crop. Yet, when nationalists get too out of control with their politics, nationalism can easily turn into racism.

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