Friday, July 29, 2016

So...this is awkward. It's been a while....

I'm considering delving back into this now that I can commit to it again. This is more for curiosity-would anyone perhaps still be interested if I decided to continue posting to this blog?

It's been years, and I'm not so angsty anymore. Going through old posts made me cringe at the writing-but the comments made me realize that this blog was special.

I still get a considerable amount of traffic per month. So, please-If anyone would be willing to leave a comment, let me know if I should revamp and start up again! I loved the dialogue created here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

(Off Topic) The Black Girl Into...Social Media?

(Off Topic)

Quick post and question, you guys. Please leave some feedback in the comment section.

So lately, I've been getting this itch that is really begging for me to scratch. It's this whole social media thing.
I like the amount of followers I have. Some have been reading since 08' when this blog started and have constantly stayed despite the random updates and terrible grammar.

I don't think the amount of readers mattered as much as getting my opinion out there about black people in the metal/alternative scene. But lately, I've been looking on Youtube for other like minded individuals like myself and I've come across maybe 3 others. 3 OTHERS!!? And not to be an arrogant prick but each time I watch these channels or videos I always think to myself:

"Pfft. I could do way better than that."


"Shut up! Your ruining all my hard work!"

 Then all these really cool ideas seem to swirl.  For example:

Weekly album reviews requested by viewers/reader
Flavor of The Week
Q & A
Talking about various things in this blog, etc
Video Responses

But I am VERY very anti that sort of thing (As you all may know). I'm a private person by nature. Whenever I think of getting a Facebook for this blog or Youtube my paranoia shuts me back down and I don't want to go through with it anymore.  Then if you get a Facebook and Youtube, you MUST get Twitter, Instagram, etc. And I really am not that important. Why do people have all four unless your Madonna or something is beyond comprehension. Thats a lot of time on the internet.

Am I over thinking this whole 'sharing my life with the internet' thing or should I just keep with the blog? Do you like the mystery or would you like a bit more? Does it even fucking matter to you?

Sometimes I wonder if this blog or I suppose 'idea' or the black female metal head could be a lot bigger than I think and that I'm just not reaching enough people.
Please, let me know what you all think.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Flavor of The Week: Diary of Destruction

One of the followers of the blog sent me the information on this Flavor of the Week ( Thanks Alexis!)

Hailing from Lille, France; this melodic gothcore (yes, I made that up) band first came on the scene in 2007. Despite being around since then, their first demo tape was released in 09'. Since then, they released an ep entitled Outside The Shade (2010) and are currently working on their full length album Dark Road to Discovery TBR later this year.
The few songs that I had checked out on youtube reminded me a bit of Leaves Eyes, Within Temptation and The Agonist. (So if you are not into any of these bands, Diary of Destruction is probably not for you.).

It's great that not only is a black woman (Audrey Ebroite) on the vox, but also another  woman ( Berengrie Bulckaen) is on the bass. I wonder if she does some backing vocals as well.

The production could use a little work but with the new album coming out-it should fix most of the issues I found with the demo and ep, respectively.

I definitely think they have potential and I'm excited to hear the full album. As I tend to like my female vocals a little more aggressive (Darknened Nocturn Slaughtercult or Agoraphonic Nosebleed anyone!!??) I'll wait and see how DoD develops.

The Time Has Come-> From 09' Demo
Storms-> From 2010's Outside The Shade
That's It-> From upcoming 2012 release Dark Road to Discovery

Yay or Nay?
I want your opinion.

*credit for pic goes to

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Funny Pic: Add a Caption

I just found this amusing. I thought I would share with you all.

Look out for the next topic: Sex and Metal

*Don't know who to credit for this picture. So I'll just thank the whole internet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finding The Good in Christian Metal

Let's state the obvious here. The very words Christian Metal together just seems blasphemous. Obviously most people don't associate the two together. But any informed metalhead worth their grit knows that there is such a thing. Metal doesn't only appeal to those who of us attracted to the dark, sinister and demented. Why should your religion limit the type of music that just 'feels right' even if its not associated with all things Christian?  I run across a handful of metal heads who believe that there are no good Christian metal bands. I usually ask why they believe this and the response is that its lame, its not as good, yadda yadda. My response is simply that they are not looking hard enough.

It's not like Christian metal is an anomaly either.
We can't start this convo without mentioning the first sort of mainstream Christian glam metal band Stryper. (I know, I know, glam metal is still arguably metal but bare with me). Who apparently, in their time, were still considered to be anti-Christianity for their support in metal music. I'm not much a fan of Stryper. (I can jam to "To Hell With The Devil" tho...) Now, around the same time the Australian death metal outfit, Mortification came. This is a band that most metal heads are probably more comfortable/familiar with. Since then, fast forward to the early 2000s when metal core exploded you got Underoath, As I lay Dying and Demon Hunter becoming very mainstream and publicly Christian bands.

Hell there is even Black Christian Metal. No, you did not read that wrong. There is Black Christian Metal. Although I've not encountered any that I really like besides Antestor.

I don't know where it came from but really, what the hell is with this mentality that because a metalhead is religious (I mostly mean in a Christian sense), it somehow nulls their identity as a 'troo' metalhead. Lets be honest folks, I've met some "Satan Worshipping" metal heads that didn't even really know why they were Satanists. I mean, when you ask them the questions that matter they can't come up with a good reason.

I guess the secret to finding good Christian Metal is that you actually have to have an open mind when listening and take it for what it is without automatically ruling it out just because these guys have a hard on for Jesus. Are some lyrics boring and contrived? Sure-but thats in a lot of metal. Are some Christian metal bands lame? Well sure if your listening to shit like P.O.D and The Devil Wears Prada.
Does all of it suck? 

No, actually some of it really rips. 

My verdict?

You guys know that I love Pagan/Viking/Folk metal and always will but...

Seriously, about a year ago I discovered the AWESOMENESS that is Believer. 
I even like them better than Holy Blood which is the only Christian Pagan Metal band that I know of.

I think that personally, they are the best Christian metal band. So underrated and very technical. IMO. 
And for the record, I DO like War of Ages. There, I said it.

So see? There is good Christian Metal out there, you just gotta believe it.

Or your still not convinced.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Indefinite Hiatus...(Off Topic)

(Off Topic)

Obviously I haven't posted very much in quite some time. That's not to say that I don't feel any less passionate about the blog. I was toying with putting up a youtube channel, however, I'm so staunch on the focus of the blog not being on appearances (which is why I never post pics of my self and/or personal me paranoid. Plus I don't want that kind of attention. I don't even have a Facebook, so its not just here, hee hee).

I've just decided to put a Hiatus on the blog until I can properly give it my full attention and take my time writing posts instead of just rushing to finish because that takes the fun out of something that is really special to me.

Am I changing the world? Am I making any type of difference? Most likely not, but I think this blog is a good thing to be floating out there. I started it because when I searched in google for 'black girl heavy metal' I didn't find a lot of information out there and I felt disheartened because I know others like me existed, thanks to Afropunk, but no one had any personal blogs that I could find. So, I wanted to create a blog that got straight to the point for all the other curious souls who were interested in the subject to easily search for.

I guess I wanted validation. And I wanted others to have validation as well. I think Its so important for things like this to exist.
I realized that sure, being a black girl into heavy metal is perhaps unique, but from the emails I get and from some of the comments, A LOT, of people identify with it. I've gotten emails from the young, the old, White, Black, Asian, Latino, Mixed, male, female, and even one particular well known metal musician (trust me, I got proof it was the real deal) that have all identified in some way with being different. Our commonality being the fact that we all have a love for the same music.
Powerful stuff.

And I get soooo many emails from like minded individuals who have started their own blogs or started bands because of this one. That's really metal and inspiring.

I never had the audacity to think that this would amount to anything or that anyone would read my rantings/opinions (as my writing is so informal and grammatically dodgy). And to some it may still not be, but to me 99 subscribers just rips. It's insane that I'm one person away from getting 100 subscribers.

This might be a short month long hiatus (even though its already been four months) or even a year long but I do intend to keep posting when I find time. I'll keep the blog up so people can see that there are PLENTY of black girls into heavy metal. As well as people who are not black but listen to heavy metal who are very much interested in learning a different perspective on the matter.
Alright, I'm done gushing. Don't want to sound too preachy here, Keep it Metal folks.