Off Topic-ish: BM Is Not For Niggers

(Off Topic)

"bm is not for niggers stupid bitch. now listen jay -z ." -anon

Awww, Varg is that you? Just kidding, hehe.

Just thought you all would like to read this anon comment I received on the Varg post in case you didn't see it. Clearly, punctuation is not strong with this one.

That stuff isn't discouraging but it definitely is a sign that some metal heads are not as progressive in their thinking as others. Not that they should be either because we all are entitled to our opinions. But it is provocative.

Oh, by the way. I'm still alive. And I really want to continue the blog its just I'm really backlogged at the moment. Ego and Lonerism in Metal was the clear winner of the poll so look forward to a post soon.

Thats all folks'


Anonymous said…
luke sez.

people on the internet love saying nigger, I think they just walk around all day thinking "damn it why can't I say nigger, I really really really want to say it" and then they come home, fire up the computer, and just "nigger" all over the damn place.

anyway umm yeah, black metal, I think it would be pretty cool seeing some black folks making black metal, like the God Forbid side project "hell nigger" but I'm pretty sure that was just a joke...
who knows maybe a black dude will join Wolves in the throne room one day, love that band.

Ps. I feel as though I've said "nigger" too much in this post, now I feel guilty.
 ¨.HEGG.¨ said…
That just makes me wanna listen to more black metal.

I ask that dumbass; Who exactly is black metal aimed at? Show me where in the rule book of metal does it say that "it's not for niggers".

Excuse me I have a show to get to. *goes and sees YOB*
Awesome to see you're still alive. I was thinking about dropping my link to your blog, but now I know I shouldn't.

Anyway, I've had a similar experience with people telling me that Christians shouldn't listen to black metal (or metal, period), and that we're not welcome. I will be putting a post on the subject on my blog soon (hopefully tomorrow). When it's up, maybe I'll shoot back over here and put up a link.
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I am a 45 year old black female who loves heavy metal! Love it! I cook to it! I dance to it! I chill with a glass of wine and my vegan chef meals! I brag about it on my blog and in my book! I love it! You go girl! ~ Donna Beaudoin, Author, Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Living (Lantern Books, February, 2012)
VSM said…
Nobody should listen to black metal.

PS: Nice to see a new post!
Anonymous said…
Luke sez:

I've been shit, someone crashed into my car when I was pulling out of my parking spot, there was a big car next to me that I couldn't see around, so like a normal person I assumed no one would be cruising through the car park at 50 miles an hour and not looking where they're going, but by law whoever doesn't have right of way is at fault so I gotta pay, I just can't seem to stop getting fucked in the ass lately.

aside from that I've been fine.

on a side note why don't you check out this new tune I made in FL studio -
@Luke: You wouldnt happen to be into Djent would you? And by the way, sick tunes. Reminds me (a bit) of Keith Merrow if you've heard of him. Do you mind if I send this to a friend of mine who would probably really dig this?
Anonymous said…
Luke sez:

I don't even know who Keith Merrow is... (proceeds to check out keith merrow)

and yes, Djent is rad.

and yes, you can send it to whoever.
the world is full of assholes, i have met a whole lot of metal bands and they are pretty awesome, not racist tools at all. pity that poor asshole because they have the disadvantage of not being raised right.

to the same said asshole, picture me shaking my black old ass to some kick ass black metal hah!
Wine Mistress said…
Thanks for writing this blog. I'm a 34 yr old Black woman into Metal and I'm constantly judged by friends and strangers for the music I'm into. Please keep it up and keep doing your thing! It means a lot to know there's other Black women being true to themselves and their love of Metal.
Rei-kun said…

I just encountered your blog, and I have been trying to catch up on all the posts. In regards to this one, this is complete and utter bullshit. Not only do I have a T-shirt that says "I ♥ Black Metal" , BUT I also have a picture with Ihsahn, aka the frontman for Emperor

I just made a post on G+ talking about why it shouldn't be strange for black people to be into metal, and that more and more black folks are playing metal and being successful (Sevendust, KSE, Oceano, Suffocation, etc.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and I have enjoyed your posts so far. Looking forward to other ones.


Anonymous said…
lol monkeys loves metal is funny... back to africa piece of shit.
@Anon-Thanks for bringing your traffic through here and in effect paying me. I appreciate it ^_^
MisanthropicTerrorist said…
We'll, that's gonna happen on the net, all sorts of Internet racist pussies who can't say shit to someone's blood. Probably some pseudo-intellectual cunt from ANUS. Anyways, if you can't listen to Varg's stuff because it doesn't feel right, check out I Shalt Become, Brown Jenkins and Necronoclast, they're better than Burzum and they are not led by racist idiots to boot.
MisanthropicTerrorist said…
As for black guys making black metal, there is some band from Jamaica, don't know the name or if he's any good, but it's not like he the hardest guy to find, he's the only Jamaican metal band listed on metal archives. Dude gets points with me though, just for wearing in his band photo what appears to be a Mutiilation shirt.
@Misanthropic Terroist: First, welcome to the blog! And thanks for your comment. Meh, I never understand though why people like that come here though (not many but some) You would really have to be looking up my blog to find it so does that mean they are somehow curious? oh well.

I believe that your talking about Orisha Shakpana. I did a flavor of the week about him last year ^_^. It isn't the best black metal but it still freaking cool that he's this one band black metal force in Jamaica. You gotta respect that.

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