Flavor of The Week: Last Years Tragedy

I know this isn't succinct with the list of the next blog post topic but I wanted to do a little flavor of the week about them.

Hailing from the budding Nairobi, Kenya metal/rock scene, LYT is a metalcore band who's influences include Underoath, Born of Osiris, and As I Lay Dying. You can clearly hear these in their song, "Walking Through Walls". Many of LYT's songs deal with the unstable political environment of the present and past in Kenya.
This band has been through the grind the past couple years (I believe since 07'), playing tons of local shows to the rock audience in Nairobi and are finally getting some good press. I hope one day we can see these guys in a North American tour someday as they would fit in just swell with the metal core scene here.
Currently they are unsigned.

As you all know, I'm not a huge metal core person but if YOU are, you may definitely take to them.

(Am I the only one who actually wanst to see more of this Tribal Metal like D-FE?-sort of the equivalent of European Folk Metal- I did a post about a while ago)

Also, check out their debut video, "How to Kill a Daredevil"

Yay or Nay? I want your opinion


Hegg Mandaba said…
I fucking love folk metal so I don't see why I wouldn't like tribal metal. It sounds like good thing! I could prolly mooch some sounds from it into my drone/doom band riffs and stuff.

What do you recommend?
Engel said…
So funny you posted this as I just read an article about metal, or the lack thereof, in sub-Saharan Africa. Great stuff on the small scene in Botswana. Here it is: http://norient.com/en/stories/metalafrica/

Keep the posts coming. I really enjoy them!
Mary Spiro said…
I totally agree that folk/native influenced metal is good and we should have more of it. It's one of the reasons I like Negura Bunget. It does not all have to be about Vikings!
Meeche said…
Nice read, thanks for the info on these guys :)
Ankhesen MiĆ© said…
Great blog!!! I'm getting one hell of an education.

Keep 'em coming!!!
rathop said…
Nice that you're into heavy metal, but the title of your blog is invalid.

Kinda' cool with a band from Kenya and plays Metal/Hardcore, but...the vocals sucks.

PS; I listen to all kinds of metal, ...and I'm a black girl too ...OHH REALLY! OH WOW! etcetera..

I hope you get my point,no offense but...get some self-respect.
@rathop: I'm confused about your comment on self respect. I understand your other point, which is good because I wish a lot more people would not be perplexed by a black girl who is into the metal subculture, but here in America and many other parts of the world, it is indeed an abnormal. Thus, why the blog is aptly named.

Please further explain, and welcome to the blog.

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