Topic Vote And Update (Off Topic-..ish)

So, sorry for the absence, in case your wondering why I've been gone so long. Oodles of drama is going on in my personal life that I would rather not get into online.

Don't fret though. I actually have time in July to really get back into the swing of things with the blog. I've been thinking about a bunch of new topics I want to blog about and i've concocted a list. Remember last time how anyone could vote on what they wanted me to post about and I would write about each starting with the highest rated? Well, thats going to be the case this time as well.

Here is the list of available topics:
Female Musicians in Metal?

I'm not Impressed by Lady Gaga: Shock Jocks

You Assimilator!
Teenagers:The Future of Heavy Metal

Flavor of the Week: Last Years Tragedy

Ego and Lonerism in the Metal Scene

Sex in Metal Music

Sexism in the Videogame Industry

(Good) Christian Metal

Vote Using the link Below

If you have any suggestions/requests/concerns, leave them in the comment section or email me.
*BTW, you can vote more than once if you wish

Thats all folks'


Social Anxiety said…
I can't wait to see what you will say about Christian metal. I'm sort of switching slowly from 'ole 80s metal (like Iron Maiden, VH, Def Lep etc.) to more of a religious side...
Anonymous said…
Luke sez:

Teenagers, They're going to wreck everything... actually there are quite a few youngsters making good metal, but most kids nowadays hear something like Black Veil Brides and say "ZOMG they are sOooOOOOooO HOT and are the most original band in the world, totally not mediocre metalcore that we've heard a million times before"

as for Christian metal, Extol will always hold a special place in my heart, but all the other Jesus loving bands can fuck off.
Anonymous said…
Write about "Good Christian Metal" as I've yet to come across any.
@ Anonymous

Check out Extol, Crimson Moonlight, Lo-Ruhamah, Trouble, and Slechtvalk for starters.
Steff Metal said…
Mortification - best Christian metal band EVER, in my opinion.

Loving your blog (just found it today!) I write about lots of "life as a metalhead" topics, too. If you ever want to do a guest post over at mine, let me know \m/
Seance said…
I vote for Females in metal topic.

To start it of you can see the premiere of Frantic Ambers new musicvideo "Bleeding Sanity" that I produced on my blog.

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