Flavor of the Week:Tetrarch

*shyly waves* Hello. I know, I know. Before you jump down my throat about not posting for a while, I plan on writing an off topic blog post about why I've been gone for so long. Don't worry, I'm not quitting the blog especially since everytime I come back to check on it the number of followers keeps on increasing. Thats actually pretty amazing. But you know what else is?


You know, unlike some metalheads, I don't look down on a band that wants to make it big and even, *gasp* wants to played on mainstream radio. But these guys may actually deserve it. Hey, we all have got to make a living.

Formed out of Atlanta, GA in 2007, Tetrarch is an unsigned young thrash metal band with a hint of the melodic, looking for the right break. I really like this group (Not only because they feature a black girl on lead guitar, which is pretty groovy to me), but they really have a passion for the music and are not trying to be like a lot of the deathcore bands that are popping up out of the Atlanta region.

I hope someone snatches these kids up quick.

Check out some tunes from myspace and some live footage:

Yay or Nay? I want your opinion


Viajera said…
Pretty good, actually. Not too much a fam of the in-sync head banging (lol), but yeah, love their sound.
 ¨.HEGG.¨ said…
Hmm..I do like Tyranny of Saints (only song I listened to haha) They do sound good, but not my cup of tea. I like my tea tuned low, slow, thick and fuzzy :P
Anonymous said…

Better than Trivium on a good hair day!

Right producer and more studio time and they can make it!


Second stage at Mayhem Fest in '13!

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