Flavor of The Week-Animals as Leaders

So I found this little metal gem of a band the other day. Their name is Animals as Leaders, a prog metal outfit found by Tosin Abasi (Clearly an African name which set my interest even more on high, plus he is kind of a guitar genius) formed in 2007 in Washington D.C. Their first self titled album came out in 2009. Wave of Babies is a single released in 2010 by them as well.

They are extremely underrated (I think) but the reviews that I have read proves that these guys will have to be watched in the coming years.

If you like Periphery, Messhuggah, and Born of Osiris (Who just came out with a new album), you will enjoy these guys.

Check out these songs and see if you like them:

Yay or Nay. I want your opinion.

(Sorry for the shoddy description. I'm kinda in a hurry)


Anonymous said…
You Rock Girl! Good Taste..Good Company
Facebook.com/Allan A.
Kelly said…
I wouldn't call them underrated. I would say they're very highly rated by some people and there's a pretty big backlash against them.
Metallattorney said…
I agree with Kelly. I'm kind of part of that backlash. I do not care for them at all, but to each their own.

If you are still looking for more metal bands with black members, there is Znowhite, a thrash metal band from the 1980's. They also had a woman providing vocals. Also, check out Crackdust from Botswana, pretty good death metal band.
Charnie said…
When I first started to listen to Wave of Babies, I wasn't thinking positive about them.

Once that electro stuff goes away they actually put out a mean sound... And the solos. HELLL YEAH! very cool.
ceebee said…
Thanks for that. Keep those music posts going
ramon said…
Haha, just found your blog and Animals, yesterday. Anyway I appreciate you for being so canid in your writing. I look forward to reading and commenting on your other posts.

Seany Genovese said…

Chocolate lovin at Summer Slaughter :D
Seany Genovese said…
Well I guess that didn't work so well... but it was a picture I took with Tosin XD Guess you'll just have to imagine it now ;P Cheers!
Anonymous said…
Luke sez:

I thought you would have know these guys already, I got the album when it came out, and actually the whole thing is Tosin Abasi, with drums programmed by Misha from Periphery, then later on it was decided to turn it into a real band instead of just being Tosin's solo project, so he found 2 other guys to join him.
TeddyEddy said…
Tosin Abasi is africa you're right, specifically nigerian, I know im from there, his last name means God. Anyways, i must say i like em, theyre a great band with awesome instrumental, i may be a lil biased but I hear their music and i feel something, i wanna mosh and headbang, and thats what I want from my metal

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