I'm really very sorry about the lack of updates. My computer crashed and it won't turn on at all-I mean it will but all I get is a black screen and my monitor just says 'not receiving information', etc. So I suppose this blog will go on a teeny bit of a hiatus until I get it fixed. (I'm typing this at a friends place right now) so stay subscribed or check it out the blog every once in a while for updates if they happen at all. I fully intend to maintain the blog-my computer just has to get fixed is all.




Very nice your blog. I wanna talk more with you about black people in metal scene. I´m from Brasil and in my city (Salvador) we have around 80% blacks and we have many black headbangers like me. I used to sing in a doom/black band and now I´m trying to do another. You should come here to see our scene. :)
My e-mail is rogerions@gmail.com
See you!
Grotesque said…
Stumbled upon your blog when I was looking up Straight Line Stitch; it looks like we have gender, race, and music interest in common. I'm not exclusively married to metal, but I do love certain aspects and look forward to reading future posts.

Sorry about your PC; I had my main one break down and am still not sure how. We had a surge protector, but a storm still shorted it out somehow and then it didn't work for a month (we just left it alone) and suddenly it turns out and reset itself (and lost all the files, but oh well).

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