Help: List of Bands w/ Blacks in Them.

I really wanted to formulate a list of bands that have black folk's in them and put it in a side bar or something just in case someone wanted to know. I wanted your help in finding some bands-this would include metal (of course), rock, indie, etc. Just any type of music that isn't what you'd expect w/ blacks. I first wanted to get some bands from you guys then add on the ones that I know of to make the list.

(BTW: I might make a list of female fronted metal bands too so if you know any really good ones add that below your bands w/ blacks listing)

So please post some bands!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Death Metal (popular)

Diabolic (old)

Black Metal


I don’t know

Anonymous said…
Viking Metal : Bathory

Pagan Metal : Windir

Melodic Black Metal : Emperor

Brutal Black : Marduk

Black oldschool : Mayhem

Black Thrash : Destroyer 666

Thrash Metal : Slayer

Death Metal : Death

Brutal Death : Krisiun

Death Thrash : Vader

Death oldschool : Morbid Angel

Melodic Death metal : Opeth

Grind : Terrorizer

Do you read ?
Anonymous said…
Brutal Black Death :


Black Death :


Black ambient :

Anonymous said…
Best band of extrem metal with no white :

Impiety (asian)

Very hot like Infernal War :
Black Girl Into Heavy Metal said…
I'm starting to think Anon (besides the second one) didn't read the post or perhaps misinterpreted my request.
Bands that have BLACK PEOPLE in them from various genres. Last time I checked that defintetly wasn't Burzum (sort of an oxymoron if you think of it)Or most of the other bands previously listed.

Please don't post bands that I wasn't specifically looking for.
Anonymous said…
I have already answered you :

Death Metal :

Blasphemy (brutal black/death)
Diabolic (old)

Black Metal :

Blasphemy (brutal black/death)

For others bands... I don’t know. There are very very few blacks in Black Metal. In Pagan metal, it’s even worse
Anonymous said…
Luke sez...

I don't know that many but these are the ones I like

Killswitch Engage
Candiria (more people should listen to these guys)
D-FE (excellent African band, African male female duo vocalists, singing in French though, so I guess it's an ex-French colony or something)
God Forbid (almost entirely made up of black dudes, superb band, way better than Trivium)
I think that's it, I'm sure I've missed some but whatever.
Anonymous said…
here's D-FE
Anonymous said…
You have only to look :

In Botswana, you have Crackdust (death metal).

Madagascar : Sasamaso (thrash metal)

Last Rebaelliun (brazil)

Verify bands in Brazil also.
The Master said…
Snowhite/Znowite (ironic name)

Others mentioned above.

I'd be hesitant to call Skindred metal but they do put on a damn good show. Putting them up would surely annoy the anonymous commentator who keeps posting links to ANUS though, so you should probably do it.

There's LOTS of bands I could name with non-white members. I'm not well versed enough in the minefield that is ethnicity in South America to tell you how many bands from there might have black members, I'm guessing there's a few (I'm pretty sure one of the dudes from Sarcofago is mixed race, for example), but the only way to find out would be to trawl band photos on Metal Archives. Hell, I'm sure I don't know what a lot of the more obscure south american thrash and death bands I listen to look like at all.

There's LOADS of Japanese bands as well, of course. Quite a few turks as well, but I know you specifically wanted black.
Most awesome everyone! I knew of Blasphemy, Suffocation, Sepultura (personally I like the older vocals better though) God Forbid, Killswitch,Crack Dust, etc.
@Luke-D-FE was an amazing find! That was very refreshing.
@ Master-Znowhite was cool too. Thanks alot and Welcome!

You know what-I actually might make a list of just bands with ethnic people in them in general so any additions would be appreciated.
Keep em' coming if you find any others!
Grotesque said…
I look forward to the list!

As for female fronted:
Anonymous said…

Blastmasters, Diabolic with Aantar Lee Coates (drums)

“Last time I checked that defintetly wasn't Burzum (sort of an oxymoron if you think of it).”

You can like an art without adhering to the ideals of the artist. Many artists are racist and misanthropic but their arts are good.

Look at the t-shirt

There are many no white people who like Burzum.

You don’t need to request the permission from an artist to appreciate his art. Moreover, lyrics of Burzum aren’t racists.

The lyrics of Windir speak about Viking heritages. You have to be Viking to like Windir ? Yes ?

Like Moonsorrow. Do you have to be Scandinavian to appreciate Moonsorrow ? :
Anonymous said…
Sorry for the link...

the girl said…
alright lady,

go to (the original boards!) and in the Music & Movies section there, i think the topic is still a sticky... this exact same topic is one, very long thread.

good luck and enjoy!
RockNRollSista said…
God Forbid, twelve tribes, twelve step, candiria,killswitch engage, wicked wisdom, oceano, straight line stitch
Pa Ibou said…
BLK JKS from South Africa are really good!
Mista Jaycee said…
The Bellrays-1 Sista
The Negro Problem- Brotha Stew
The Mars Volta- Ikky 1 Brotha
Fishbone- Band of Brothas
PFUNK- Who says a Black band can't play ROX!
Cowboy Soul- Black C and W Band
ungreateful_ninja said…
This isn't all metal, but alt and even pop rock...

Jimmy Hendrix (I read the term havy metal was invented by a journalist who thought his music sounded like falling heavy metal)
Wicked Wisdom (black, female fronted)
Hed p.e.
Skunk Anansie (balck female fronted)
Bad Brains
Body Count (Ice-T)
Fefe Dobson
Lenny Kravitz
Michee Mee's band The Day After
Kid Rock's drummer
Sugar Ray's DJ (I know that is really pushing the limits but their first album and to a lesser extent second album were heavy)
and Lil Wayne (fuck I hate him) is trying to do a whole rock/hard rock thing

Featured Songs:
Ice Cube with Korn
Dead Prez with Static X
Pharcyde with Korn
Dun DMC (Kings of Rock) with aerosmith (and sampled the knacks on it's tricky)
Diddy with Jimmy Page
Method MAn with Limp Bizkit (although that doesn't really count because it was more of a straight forward rap song)
Nas with Korn
X-zibit and Korn
Biggie and Korn
Dizzee Rascal with Arctic Monkeys (alt rock though)
Dem Franchise Boyz & Korn Mash up
Jay-z's 99 problems and (eww) Linkin Park Mash ups
K'naan with Kirk Hammet (if rap gets jealous)

minority bands:
Figure Four from Canada (female asian guitarist)
Jennifer Arroyo (Suicide city, former Kittie)
Former bassist from Kittie Trish Doan (Korean)
Fallon Bowman Current Amphibious Assault, Former Kittie Guitarist (half indonesian)
Silent Civilian
Deftones (Chino is mostlty mexican and some chinese, hence Chino)
Coal Chamber (Meegs is half Mexican and half chinese)
Korn (Fieldy is part mexican)
Rage against the machine/zach de la rocha
System of a Down (Armenian-American)
Puya (Puerto Rican)
I hate to mention them at all, but the second vocalist of linkin park is part japanese
There was a documentary "Global Metal" about metal around the world.
there was this cool article in revolver a couple of years ago about metal in india (still regret not buying that issue, i didnt finish reading)

okay I'm done hurting my head with thinking...

Sean Paul did some cool stuff on his intro to Dutty Rock, still think they shoulda done a whole album out of that 30 seconds
Unreateful said…
this opped into my head while I was doin the dishes...Marilyn Manson had a lack female trio of back up singers during his mechanical animals period...sort of a send up of doo wop/motown
Anonymous said…
ive read a few of your posts and (forgive me if im wrong) no one seems to have mentioned Skunk Anasie a british metal band with lead singer being a black female with a skin head. if you havent herd of them you should deffinatly check them out
Anonymous said…
Here's some bands that have not been mentioned yet:

King's X

The Lord Weird Slough Feg


Black Death



Hope this helps
bicyclepirate said…
I didn't see this band, Death, mentioned. They are from the mid-70s, along the lines of the MC5 and the Stooges.

Nice to see someone else post about Black Death also, what a great band.
Brit said…
Living Colour, Black Death, King's X, Black Sheep (Slash's band before GnR), Vendetta, Body Count, Suffocation, Empyreon
Gah! So many good posts! Thank you to all the posters-I think pretty soon I'll compile a list-if anyone wants to volunteer to do it than please do so because I might not have time for a while...
Minister said…
Here's a link to an entire topic dedicated to this:
viagra said…
I don't know if this will help but there is a Spanish band of Alternative Metal with a black bassist, Stravaganzza.
Seance said…
Bands With Blacks:

BENEDICTUM: great female fronted band

Tony MacAlpine: amazing gitarrist.





Female Fronted Metal Bands:

The Agonist



Lee Aaron

Lita Ford

Joan Jett

All Female Metal Bands:


Drain STH

Frantic Amber

Mean Streak

Phantom Blue

Crucified Barbara


xanax said…
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Anonymous said…
stone vengeance,harvey,sound barrier,znowhite,dyoxen,zoetrope,cerebrus,m80,vendetta{us},new suicidal tendencies,hirax,black death
Anonymous said…
Try this list, some repeats from previous posts but a few others you might be interested in with Blacks in their ranks as bands

god forbid
bad brains
killswitch engage (howard jones era)
blood has been shed
7dust (use licking cream to reference duet with skunk anansie skin)
Locked in a Vacancy
sepultura (derrek green era)
stuck mojo
emobdyment (sean collbry era)
living colour
24-7 Spyz
Kings X
Suicidal Tendencies (Rocky George era)
12 tribes
Disassociate NYC
hed (p.e.)
Skunk Anasie
Body Count
Biohazard / Onyx collaborations
Bionic Jive
Straight Line Stitch
Faith no More (Chuck Mosely era)
black death- one of the earliest african american metal bands
legacy of blacks in heavy music:
phil lynott (thin lizzy),
lenny kravits
chuck berry
jimi hendrix (especially the band of gypsies era)
honorable mentions in collabs and soundtracks:
Straight Up
Judgement Night
Loud Rocks comp
Run DMC-Aerosmith
Anthrax-Public Enemy

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