Flavor of The Week: The Objex

Another band that is not metal but I think you guys should know about. The Objex is a punk band based out of Las Vegas with the coolest looking lead singer (nicely named Felony Melony) I have ever seen with the most epic rack...and by rack I mean boobs. The Mohawk isn't bad either. Released in 07', Attack of the Objex is the name of their first official record but they did release a demo called 'Bound and Gagged' earlier that I can't seem to get a hold of.

If your into sort of fun-non committal punk with a bit of alternative flare than I suggest them. (Plus they have a female bassist. Who doesn't love a female bassist?) Here are some links to some vids and the myspace. Take a listen and see if you like.

www.myspace.com/theobjex (Their Myspace-incase your too lazy to look it up)

Yay or Nay? Or perhaps Yanay. You decide.


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