Indefinite Hiatus...(Off Topic)

(Off Topic)

Obviously I haven't posted very much in quite some time. That's not to say that I don't feel any less passionate about the blog. I was toying with putting up a youtube channel, however, I'm so staunch on the focus of the blog not being on appearances (which is why I never post pics of my self and/or personal me paranoid. Plus I don't want that kind of attention. I don't even have a Facebook, so its not just here, hee hee).

I've just decided to put a Hiatus on the blog until I can properly give it my full attention and take my time writing posts instead of just rushing to finish because that takes the fun out of something that is really special to me.

Am I changing the world? Am I making any type of difference? Most likely not, but I think this blog is a good thing to be floating out there. I started it because when I searched in google for 'black girl heavy metal' I didn't find a lot of information out there and I felt disheartened because I know others like me existed, thanks to Afropunk, but no one had any personal blogs that I could find. So, I wanted to create a blog that got straight to the point for all the other curious souls who were interested in the subject to easily search for.

I guess I wanted validation. And I wanted others to have validation as well. I think Its so important for things like this to exist.
I realized that sure, being a black girl into heavy metal is perhaps unique, but from the emails I get and from some of the comments, A LOT, of people identify with it. I've gotten emails from the young, the old, White, Black, Asian, Latino, Mixed, male, female, and even one particular well known metal musician (trust me, I got proof it was the real deal) that have all identified in some way with being different. Our commonality being the fact that we all have a love for the same music.
Powerful stuff.

And I get soooo many emails from like minded individuals who have started their own blogs or started bands because of this one. That's really metal and inspiring.

I never had the audacity to think that this would amount to anything or that anyone would read my rantings/opinions (as my writing is so informal and grammatically dodgy). And to some it may still not be, but to me 99 subscribers just rips. It's insane that I'm one person away from getting 100 subscribers.

This might be a short month long hiatus (even though its already been four months) or even a year long but I do intend to keep posting when I find time. I'll keep the blog up so people can see that there are PLENTY of black girls into heavy metal. As well as people who are not black but listen to heavy metal who are very much interested in learning a different perspective on the matter.
Alright, I'm done gushing. Don't want to sound too preachy here, Keep it Metal folks.


Nah don't put personal life stuff in ye blog coz it makes it a cool and such coz it's all mysterious and stuff.

It'd be awesome if you could find more time to post coz (I think I've said this before) you say what I wanna say in a non-complainy way haha It's brilliant!

Welp enjoy your break from the blogging world :]

There are plenty of bloggers who would love to have an angle and backstory as unique and interesting as yours. You only have a total of 60 posts, sporadically scheduled, you do zero networking of any kind, and yet you get numerous comments and plenty of traffic to each and every post. While some boring white dude like me posts every day, comments on other sites, and gets a comment or two every now and then.

This probably comes off as envious, but that's not what I feel. I'm trying to say that your voice is needed in the metal community, and many of us find it extremely interesting. There are hundreds of white, male metal bloggers. (How many are Christian like me, I couldn't possibly gauge.) My voice isn't as unique, though the work ethic I apply to it is pretty rare.

So, I'm just hoping that you'll come back. You've got a ready-made audience, and you shouldn't have to work all that hard to get involvement from others.

And if you don't want to re-start your own blog, but decide you have something to say, there are plenty of sites out there that would love to run an article written by you. I would be one of them.
@ Hegg: See, I always felt that if I put more 'personal' crap in here then it would draw more people in. In a way, I'm closing myself off. But then I feel as though if I want to be taken seriously as a female metal blogger then I need to gain a steady fan base before revealing myself so I know that my subscribers were here for my writing and not just to sneak a peek then run off. I think thats why I have a healthy male and female subscriber ratio. Thank you and I will be back...with vengeance.

@Kelly: I really appreciate your comment, especially since you have been reading nearly since the start. Its funny because I would go on your blog and read some of your posts then wonder why the hell you bother to read my drivel.
And I am very humbled by that last bit, I will definitely think about at least writing a guest article on another blog. You are welcome to do the same.
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Thanks for sharing your post. Your world is amazing.
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