Flavor of The Week: Diary of Destruction

One of the followers of the blog sent me the information on this Flavor of the Week ( Thanks Alexis!)

Hailing from Lille, France; this melodic gothcore (yes, I made that up) band first came on the scene in 2007. Despite being around since then, their first demo tape was released in 09'. Since then, they released an ep entitled Outside The Shade (2010) and are currently working on their full length album Dark Road to Discovery TBR later this year.
The few songs that I had checked out on youtube reminded me a bit of Leaves Eyes, Within Temptation and The Agonist. (So if you are not into any of these bands, Diary of Destruction is probably not for you.).

It's great that not only is a black woman (Audrey Ebroite) on the vox, but also another  woman ( Berengrie Bulckaen) is on the bass. I wonder if she does some backing vocals as well.

The production could use a little work but with the new album coming out-it should fix most of the issues I found with the demo and ep, respectively.

I definitely think they have potential and I'm excited to hear the full album. As I tend to like my female vocals a little more aggressive (Darknened Nocturn Slaughtercult or Agoraphonic Nosebleed anyone!!??) I'll wait and see how DoD develops.

The Time Has Come-> From 09' Demo
Storms-> From 2010's Outside The Shade
That's It-> From upcoming 2012 release Dark Road to Discovery

Yay or Nay?
I want your opinion.

*credit for pic goes to metalship.org


Jennie said…
Shall save this rec for when I have brain.
Hmm... not bad. Btw, I love your blog! Nice knowing I'm not the only black girl on the planet who likes metal (screw that, I don't even know a single person who likes metal where I live >.<)
@Blood Flavoured Dewdrops: First, Welcome to the blog, and thank you for the kind words.
I'm very happy you found this blog and that you know for a fact now that there are others like you. (BTW there are tons of cool black girls (or girls in general) that listen to metal that comment here. Check em out!
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