(Off Topic) The Black Girl Into...Social Media?

(Off Topic)

Quick post and question, you guys. Please leave some feedback in the comment section.

So lately, I've been getting this itch that is really begging for me to scratch. It's this whole social media thing.
I like the amount of followers I have. Some have been reading since 08' when this blog started and have constantly stayed despite the random updates and terrible grammar.

I don't think the amount of readers mattered as much as getting my opinion out there about black people in the metal/alternative scene. But lately, I've been looking on Youtube for other like minded individuals like myself and I've come across maybe 3 others. 3 OTHERS!!? And not to be an arrogant prick but each time I watch these channels or videos I always think to myself:

"Pfft. I could do way better than that."


"Shut up! Your ruining all my hard work!"

 Then all these really cool ideas seem to swirl.  For example:

Weekly album reviews requested by viewers/reader
Flavor of The Week
Q & A
Talking about various things in this blog, etc
Video Responses

But I am VERY very anti that sort of thing (As you all may know). I'm a private person by nature. Whenever I think of getting a Facebook for this blog or Youtube my paranoia shuts me back down and I don't want to go through with it anymore.  Then if you get a Facebook and Youtube, you MUST get Twitter, Instagram, etc. And I really am not that important. Why do people have all four unless your Madonna or something is beyond comprehension. Thats a lot of time on the internet.

Am I over thinking this whole 'sharing my life with the internet' thing or should I just keep with the blog? Do you like the mystery or would you like a bit more? Does it even fucking matter to you?

Sometimes I wonder if this blog or I suppose 'idea' or the black female metal head could be a lot bigger than I think and that I'm just not reaching enough people.
Please, let me know what you all think.


Anonymous said…
I recently stumbled across your blog and must say that I find your writing extremely intelligent and the issues you raise very important. Finding ways to expand the audience and bring new voices into the conversation would be great. Whatever you decide to do, I'll try to stop by more often and contribute.
Odvie Von Vegas said…
Hi there,

I do think that creating a FB page for the blog would be a great idea. I understand that you think it may be "too much" and you also like the mystery behind the blog but to be honest I think FB is an incredible tool when it comes to create a community.

The sharing process for the articles would be easier and I'm sure that many people would discover your blog thanks to a friend or something... it is an amazing way to increase your audience.

That said, I do think that twitter is useless if you have a FB page... people can just subscribe to the FB page to share and get updates about the blog and that's all. No need to be contaminated with other social media websites.

Finally, if you get a fanpage on FB it's def' a place to share your new articles but also quick updates like songs that you like, articles that you like without necessarily creating a whole new article to talk about it.

Well, I think you understood it now, I'm positive with the FB page haha!

By the way I discovered this recently and I think you would be interested (if you don't know it already!!): http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6jhcwsUMM1qcw8zfo1_500.jpg

Bye bye :)
@Anon: Thank you for the encouraging words and welcome to the blog! I hope you do come by often but check every few weeks since I update sporadically. Thanks again.
@Odie Von Vegas: Thanks for your insight and advice. It's quite embarrassing since it will be the first time I"ve ever bothered to set up a Facebook anything (I don't have a personal account) but it would be nice for the the followers and I to get to know each other a bit more in some type of community where open dialogue is even more encouraged. Yeah, I think Facebook and maybe Youtube is as far as I would go. Twitter is useless.

And thank you for the link. Another follower sent me the link to that book as well (thanks Kelly!). However, I have an equally interesting tumbler called
I Am So Goth I was Born Black with very interesting pictures. Here is said link


Thanks again!

To Anyone: If anyone is interested in working with me to make a Facebook the help would greatly be appreciated. Also, tell me what sort of things you would like to see on said site.
arielle paige said…
Hey I have been searching for people like u that share my views. I am a 28 yr.old black woman,and I am a SECOND GENERATION metal head. My mother is also a metal head. I was delighted to have come across ur blog. I agree that u should expand and get the message out. There are so many blacks that are into rock and metal but are oppressed by their peers to look,sound,and act "black". We need to open a gateway for others like ourselves and open people's minds. I can't understand why no one has a problem with a white guy or girl being into hip hop or r&b, or even jazz. But the idea of a black person enjoying metal,or any other kind of rock,or country music scares the hell out of people. Let's get the word out.
arielle paige said…
U should definatley feature black artists from time to time.songs of the week are good too and links. I'm going to the 5FDP concert in Charlotte, NC next month. If I can get some pics and footage I'll for sure share it with u to use as start up images to ur fb page if u decide to create one
Some people are better at writing, and others are better at speaking. Some people prefer reading, and others prefer video.

Here's my take: I don't think you get intelligent discussion on Youtube. Not from the purveyors or the consumers. To me, Youtube is and always will be a way to embed a song in a blog post, and nothing more. I would not watch a Youtube rant.

If that's something you want to try, go for it. You would probably get a lot more exposure for your ideas. I'm just saying I wouldn't watch it, and the audience is different.

It's not a bad thing to be open about your identity on the Internet. I've always had my real name and picture connected with my account. It encourages you to be a real person, and others respect you more for it. (Or at least I tend to respect people who use their real identities more.)
Nuclear Mamba said…
[I don't know if my first comment went through, but if it eventually shows up, I apologize for the double post.]

I know exactly what you mean. For the longest time, I've been wanting to shoot videos for a youtube channel. I even have the account set up and everything. However, I've just been too much of a wuss to actually put my face out there. I don't even have pictures of myself on my facebook.

I've also been flirting with the idea of starting a blog, but once I look into all of these different ways to gain traffic, it becomes so overwhelming. It's basically: "Start a twitter!" "Link people to your blog!" "Set up a Pinterest!" and a whole laundry list of things that make me question if it's really worth it.

As for you, though, I think you could really benefit from making a facebook for this blog, or hell, even making a youtube channel. I love watching rants and would subscribe for sure. It just all depends on what you want to do.

If nothing else, please keep posting things on this blog! Us readers really do appreciate what you have to say.
George Zocklein said…
I think its a good idea because you could get your ideas across easier and you would most likely more people following and listening to you

P.S Have you ever heard of a band named toxik if you haven't they are a thrash metal band with anti racist messages in a few of their songs here is a link http://youtu.be/lqECe4nA7wA
Rhea Licious said…
I am a white girl (well, woman) in her 30´s who is getting into Metal at an age where most folks switch to chamber music ;-)

In any case, I find your blog very interesting, and I think if you had more of an online presence it would encourage other "closeted metal fan" girls (from all ethnicites) to not conform, but to listen to the music they love – and maybe encourage potential metal fans to give this music a try! I´d follow you on Facebook, and youtube.

Bye from Vienna, Austria

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