Flavor of The Week: Vale of Amonition

I had forgot about this band until one of the followers (Thanks Kelly!), reminded me in a post about them.

Hailing from Kampala, Uganda- VoA is an unsigned prog/doom metal band. They released their first demo this past year called Curtain of Doom and The Broken Shield. There also may be a complete first album coming out this year.

It is very exciting slowly seeing all black heavy metal bands in the homeland start to pop up every now and then. It makes me feel like in the coming years metal will become even more diverse and interesting. We need to get these bands noticed in the metal world!

Unfortunately, it is very difficult hearing more of their music as I can't find other singles besides the one on their myspace.
If anyone has better sources, please list them below.

Yay or Nay? I want your opinion.

*I know, kinda hard to give your opinion with just those two songs on their myspace but, try to at least give a first impression. Besides, anything is better than Lord Toph.

http://www.myspace.com/valeofamonition (Myspace)

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vale-of-Amonition/335056031250 (Facebook)


Japh Horns said…
I'll do you one better. If you can, send me your postal details and I'll post you the Demo itself. You can then be the Judge.
my email address is kirujaph@yahoo.ca
Nikolai said…
jeebus! Sounds like a shitty Electric Wizard cover played on shrooms. Someone needs to send them a gift basket of Fela Kuti and Pantera.

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