I Will Say One Thing About It...(off topic)

I know you all are probably tired of hearing about the death of MJ and having it shoved down your throats but I just wanted to say one thing about it.
All this adoration of him is complete bullshit because just last week they were calling him 'wacko jacko' and hating him. I just despise dishonesty and I think its interesting how suddenly when someone dies they become important or even respected when in life they were regarded as a joke. Yeah, I get it. He was the king of pop...okay. What else?

People die-get over it.

Treat him like how you were just a couple of days ago rather than pay reverence for someone you didn't even really respect in the first place.

It happened with Anna Nicole and now with MJ and I'm sick of it.

Okay, my mini rant is over.


RainaHavock said…
I was a huge fan and loved him dearly so his death hit me like a tone of bricks.People are slowly realizing how important he was to music now that he's gone. Too bad they couldn't do this while he was still living.
RainaHavock said…
Also I don't remember all that respect for Anna Nicole Smith.
Anonymous said…
Luke said...
I was cracking jokes on day 1 "they can't cremate him because all the melted plastic will get stuck on the bottom of the furnace"
I didn't respect him then, and I don't respect him now, keepin' it real.
Made good music though, but seriously, he was a kiddy fiddling psycho with a butchered face.
Anonymous said…
This is a very surprising blog, especially given your knowledge of underground black metal. When I heard you speaking of supporting nationalism (but not racism) I was floored. You seem to understand a concept that not even average white male metalheads seem to grasp- there is nothing wrong with loving your own heritage or wanting to preserve it. You are essentially MORE metal than most politically correct slipknot-loving retards. Metal is about violence, epics, motion, romanticism, nationalism, not ridiculous political dogmas whether liberal or conservative. Don't let people make metal 'safe'-metal isn't about individualism or equality or 'upsetting your parents', its about beauty in darkness. If someone is upset because a band espouses Nazism or worships Satan then maybe they shouldn't listen to metal in the first place and go buy pop CDs from Wal Mart. Trendy metalcore will come and go just like nu-metal did, but true death and black metal will always remain for real fans who get the message.

As for MJ, I think we have a number of difficult concepts to walk around: 1) America has no culture like the ancient civilizations and as such must worship pop icons like gods. This isn't MJ's fault or the average person's fault- its a collective stupidity based on our inability to come up with consesus and values. 2) Its not always fair to judge a person's merit soley on the negative aspects of their lives. For instance: Albert Einstein cheated on his wife, Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, Karl Marx was an alcoholic wife beater, Gandhi was a racist, MLK allied with commies, and of course MJ was a suspected pedophile. It would be stupid to say none of these people were important to history simply because they did a few bad things. No one is a saint so people will not dwell on the weird shit MJ did, they will dwell on the good times.
3) Ultimately MJ is a useless idiot, but given the sorry state of modern society I don't blame people for enjoying his music.

Anyway, great blog. Keep up the good work.

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