Recommended Reading: Running With Scissors

Who doesn't like stories about strange dysfunctional families? Whats even better is that it's a memoir so it's real! I read this last week, couldn't put it down. It's a strangely poignant coming of age story about the life of Augusten Burroughs, who lives a bizarre life after his writer mother sends him to live with her psychiatrist named Dr. Finch. The best description for the book, I'd say, would be deliciously disturbing. Between the Dr. having a masturbatorium, his psychotic mother having unstable lesbian relationships w/ various women and thinking herself a great writer, eating dog food, and even Augusten himself having a sexual relationship with a 30 something guy at 15-phew! It's a lot of book. All of it is written in a kind of brazen apathetically sarcastic way-which adds to the ridiculousness of it all because the topics are so serious. I hadn't done one of the recommended reading in a while-but if you have any reading suggestions please post them (I'm freakin trapped at home because of the outrageous snow/blizzard storm going on)

*By the way-don't see the movie. It was one of the worst book to film adaptations I've ever seen.


RainaHavock said…
I was getting ready to ask you is this based of the movie. lol Thanks I'll put it on my holiday read list. Thanks for the head up about the movie because I haven't watched it either.
Nails said…
OOH, looks like a good read! I will check this out!

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