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As long as I have a few readers, I'll use it as a way to promote bands that I enjoy or that I think you should be aware of. The current flavor of the week is a death metal band called Wrust. This band hails from Botswana, Africa and just released their full length album Soulless Machine in 2007 on Witchdoctor records. Check em' out if you like a grittier sound with harsh vocals. A good band from the slowly emerging African metal scene.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPz5p4x2Qis (Video for single 'Kill or Be Killed')


Hey!Thanks for your blog just found it this morning.Yes there is a growing metal scene in Africa well it is more obvious in Southern Africa than in Kenya ,where I live.Though just like in other parts of Africa it is mainly white people.It sounds odd to say it but I get really excited knowing that there are other black sisters interested in metal.And also I would like to say that Afro-culture,music did influence metal.Think the blues, jimi hendrix,sweetie without black culture the rolling stones may have never existed.The story telling you hear from metal echos the keen interest pre colonial Africa had in all aspects of life and death.To be colonized we had to be made to believe that what we held sacred was of the devil.
@Michelle-Thank you! My cousin in Ghana is trying to create a metal scene there and it encourges me when I hear feedback from black people ALL over-not just in the U.S. I get excited too, especially by the few but appreciated responses I'm getting for this blog. Indeed, metal is heavily influnced by African music (I'll probably go into that in a later entry) but thanks so much for your comment and keep checking back for any new entries.
Narsilion said…
“Indeed, metal is heavily influnced by African music (I'll probably go into that in a later entry) but thanks so much for your comment and keep checking back for any new entries.”

All music is influnced by all music, especially classical music. Music has numerous influence, and not only one.
Why African music especially ? Music must have an Africain influence to be appreciated ? It’s sure, hard rock is influenced by Blues. But I am not sure for Black Metal or Pagan Metal for example.
I have the impression that you appreciate the metal only because it has Africain influence. A music should interest you because it please you, and not because it has such influence.
@Narsilion-No-if that were true I wouldn't really like Pagan/Folk metal for its European elements. What I'm saying is that the root of metal or hard rock is-like you said-blues which is derived from African music. I like metal because it sounds good to me but I am aware of where it comes from.
Hell-even Varg Vikernes from Burzum said he didn't want to make his music anymore because he learned that at the root of it-it was from Africa. And this is true that other music is influenced by classical-So is it safe to say that metal can be influnced by both?
And I said HEAVILY influnced-not completely influenced.
Thanks for the comment though.
Narsilion said…
You can’t take Varg Vikernes as a reference, it’s a nazi. Where do you find similarities between blues and black metal for examples ? If you speak hard rock like acdc or led zeppelin, i understand. But, where is the infuence of blues in Burzum ?
Crossophobia said…
The tracks are very boring. Wrust has an annoyingly predictable sound. The music is formulized just like too many bands whom label themselves "death/black" and the like. The melodies found in the guitar don't fit with the music either. Also, the vocals are terrible and so loud in the mix, that they drown everything else. Basically all you get is terrible yelling. Despite the aggression they try to achieve, the music is not in-your-face and lacks might. I don't usually use bad production as a reason to not love a band, but if the music is bad and the production is bad, then it's not a quality band, end of story.
sulfugor said…
Hey metal sister ! Black guy into extreme metal here. I've been into for ..hmm like 15 years so that gives you an idea of my antiquity but enough said .

I think african music has influenced or given birth to rocknroll. Inasmuch as some black metal is very rocknrollish ( carpatian forest comes to mind ) , it's african black influenced, but i think most black metal doesn't fit the bill at all. It's a very, very , very european style of music and that's * quite fine * with me. Ironically, white power skinhead music (Oi, RAC, skinhead Ska )is much, much more african influenced than most blackmetal.

Please tell us more about your cousin in Ghana ! I lived in africa for a few years but i didn't even know about metal back then. I haven't heard of any indigenous black african metal scene apart from the Botswana one . It's amazing because it's the only scene i know where the metalheads are mostly black people, as opposed to white expatriates or white africans. Btw I have nothing against white africans or expatriate, it's just that metal bands made up of white people are just normal :) While metal bands made up of black africans are somewhat unusual :) Of course i don't want to reduce Wrust and the others to novelties. No at all. But that facet of the bands brings attention to them and then they can seize the opportunity to impress listeners . Wrust isn't my favorite band tbut i find them good. They probably have a long career ahead of them and I'm looking onward!
Shaxul said…
Hail Black Girl! I come from Pictavia (west of France) and my label LEGION OF DEATH Records supports Metal bands from unknown/underrated places for 9 years now. So when I read there may be some Metal bands in Ghana, I got interested!
By the way I was the only European distributor for the WRUST album as unfortunately almost no label in the so called "western" world cares about such scenes...
Also I can recommend VALE OF AMONITION from Uganda, promising Doom Metal act : www.myspace.com/valeofamonition
OK, please send me an e-mail directly if you have more infos on Metal in Ghana (or in other African countries), my e-mail is on my website. Regards,
WebSite + WebShop : www.legionofdeathrecords.com
Snail Mail : LOD Records / BP 21 / 86210 Bonneuil-Matours / France.
Viagra said…
Good to see that Heavy Metal bands are merging from Africa, I'll definitely will get a hold on this and check how African Metal is evolving
true_bacon22 said…
Africa can be pretty metal, it would be cool if a Sepultura type thing happened in the surrounding countries such as Namibia; but I think the scene will forever be white dominated in South Africa where I am now.
Anonymous said…
I've always been surprised by the lack of west African countries like Ghana who don't seem to have any. Yet, the Arab countries in the north have a few.

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