Just So You Know...

We have a new President! 44th of the United States President Barack Obama. I just thought since it is a landmark in history that I have to post a short but sweet blog about it. We watched it at school today on a huge projector as he was sworn in and for the first time in a long time I felt proud to be an American. All day people were just saying that today was only a big deal because he is the first 'African American President' of America and that pissed me off.
Yeah, he is black. I've gotten over that but really-this is huge because he is President at a time when it is so prudent and important that we have a leader who can possibly make America as well as the rest of the world right again. There is a reason why so many countries are invested in this as well-and it's not because he is black. It also is because of the state of the economic world and healing the racial divide perhaps in more countries besides the U.S. It's so awesome that it happened in my lifetime and I honestly feel humbled and just hope that he lives up to his message and the hoopla surrounding him.
I don't think Obama should be viewed as someone to save us all as some are putting that type of pressure on him-but more so a fresh start to an amazing term.
Lets hope he does us all proud.


RainaHavock said…
I so agree with you girl!

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